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Photo Friday: Celebrate World Ocean’s Day at the Sealife Aquarium and Beyond!

June 4th, 2010 by bsmith | 2 Comments | Filed in San Diego Adventures, Sea Life Aquarium, Uncategorized

Jared enjoys the wonders of the Sealife Aquarium

This year it is more important than ever to celebrate World Ocean’s Day.  The devastating oil spill off of the coast of the US could have been prevented. If we give our children an appreciation of our world’s oceans, they will be better policy makers and protectors of this fragile marine ecosystem.

Living in a tourist town I can tell you that a clean healthy ocean creates a thriving local economy .  People come to enjoy clean beaches and to swim in clean water.  This is what is making the effects of the current oil spill particularly devastating for southern economies.

It is easy to overlook that the mission of many local aquariums includes a conservation component.  These are not just glorified theme parks, but organizations that are dedicated to educating the public about respecting marine life and making decisions that have a positive impact on our oceans.  A child who has a chance to learn how to touch    creatures gently under the watchful eye of a docent, will take that knowledge on their family tide pool excursions and hopefully know to leave those critters in their native habitat .  The child who sees the exhibit on global warming will start shutting off lights and encouraging their parents to carpool.  The child who sees a giant mural made out of beach trash will think twice before discarding a gum wrapper in the sand. 

Growing up I spent many days at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and those visits inspire a life long fascination with the marine world.  At seventeen,  I proposed a bill that banned off shore oil drilling at the Youth and Government Model Legislature and Court program.  As a teacher, I took classes at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and shared the knowledge I gained with my students.  Many of those students lived very close to the beach but had never been there.  A fieldtrip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium opened up a whole new world for them.  As a parent , I join my kids for beach cleanups. We are always amazed at the trash we find.

In Carlsbad we are lucky to have the Sea Life Aquarium just down the street from us.  I must confess that when it was first constructed I wondered if it was really a worthwhile addition to Legoland.  After all the Birch Aquarium at UC San Diego and Sea World are both  just a half hour away.  After I did some research into the Sea Life organization and paid a second visit to Sea Life on a less crowded day, I started to gain a deeper appreciation for this little kid friendly aquarium.   Sealife sponsors cleanups of local beaches.  They have proudly displayed a mosaic entitled, “Beach Trash, a Whale of a Problem” constructed by local school children.  Visitors are asked to make a clean oceans pledge before leaving the aquarium.  If you have preschoolers,  the smaller size of this aquarium and the specially designed peep holes that put kids in the middle of the tank make this an ideal introduction to the marine world.

Trash, A Whale of a Problem, Sealife Aquarium Carlsbad

This Saturday my family will be honoring World Ocean’s Day with a visit to the Sea Life Aquarium.  They are sponsoring a fun Dr. Seuss themed day with plenty of conservation information snuck into  the Seussian silliness of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. More information about their World Oceans Day Celebration is included on the Sealife Aquarium website.

World Ocean’s Day Celebrations are being held world wide.  If you have some free time this Saturday or next week on June 8, the actual World Ocean’s Day, visit the Ocean Project’s website to find a place to celebrate.

Family Adventure Guidebooks participates in the Delicious Baby Photo Friday Blog Roundup.

Happy Trails,



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Free Sea Life Aquarium Ticket!!!

May 15th, 2009 by bsmith | No Comments | Filed in Legoland, theme parks, Travel Discounts

The Sea Life Aquarium is sponsoring an E-Waste recycling event.  If you bring your old TV, DVD player, cd player, computer, cell phone etc. to the Legoland back gate between 8am and noon on Saturday May 16th.  This event is sponsored by Recycle San Diego and I Love a Clean San Diego.

I’ll be heading to the Sea Life Aquarium next week with one of my mommy blogger friends so I could really use a ticket.  I plan to pack up my old electronics and head over.  See you there!


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Legoland Report

December 22nd, 2008 by bsmith | 1 Comment | Filed in Legoland

A soggy hello from Carlsbad, California!  Needless to say this would not be a great day to head to Legoland.  (If you find yourself in Carlsbad however it may be a great day to visit the newly re-opened Sea Life Aquarium…good timing model citizens :) .

My three part adventure was not to be.  This holiday season has been somewhat hectic, and I didn’t have three days plus childcare to make it happen.  Thanks to my gracious friend Ellen who sponsored three of our family members as her guest, we had a great family day at Legoland yesterday. 

It was clear, cold and a little sunny.  We had fun taking a picture with a lego Santa and sleigh.  There is also a beautiful massive lego Christmas tree (30 feet tall commprised of more than 245,00 blocks and some more subtle holiday decorations around the park. They even had some elves giving out lego bricks  I would have appreciated a few more decorations.   It didn’t have a holiday feeling throughout the park like Disneyland this time of year. According to Ellen however the FBI is checking out Santa on the roof of the White House.  Those Lego builders have sense of humor!

Still, our visit reminded me that I enjoy the smaller scale of this park especially for the little ones.  It was so much less frentic than our Disneyland visit.  In general, the lines were short which was appreciated.  If you are planning a San Diego, keep an eye on the weather report.  Carlsbad seems to be alternating between stormy and clear days.

The new additions to the Sea Life aquarium are:

* New tiger sharks and rays in the Atlantis exhibit

* A new slide in the Lake Tahoe area

*An interactive lego sand castle

*New Murals at the front entrance.

There is also a lego Christmas Tree in the Ocean tank to give the aquarium a holiday touch.

If you are heading to Legoland this holiday season, be aware there are extended hours later in the week.  Legoland at night is very fun and often less crowded so take advantage.  If we all still had passes you would find us at the kids New Year’s Eve celebration.  So nice to have a kid friendly way to welcome the new year!

 There is a nice little red and green firework celebration at closing each night.

If you are heading to Legoland please check out my Unauthorized Guide to Legoland California availiable on

Happy Holidays!



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Sea Life Aquarium Closed for Modifications

November 13th, 2008 by bsmith | No Comments | Filed in Legoland, Uncategorized

The Sea Life Aquarium at Legoland California will be closed for modifications from November 11, 2008-December 26, 2008.  A Legoland press release says that the modications will include, ” adding an interactive Lego sand castle building area; enhancing the Lego animation in the Lost City of Atlantis display; adding decor to the Lake Tahoe area; remodeling the fron and Park-side Sea Life entrances; and improvements to the interactive audio/visual techologies currently being used throughout the aquarium.”

I am excited that they are remodeling the entrances and hope that this will include eliminating the little scary dark room that you are forced to stand in to listen to the orientation talk before entering the aquarium.    The new Lego Sand Castle building area sounds great.  This aquarium was in need of some fun hands on activities.

I am disappointed that it doesn’t sound like they have plans to alter the access to the touch pools.  I would really appreciate having my preschoolers be able to touch the creatures in the touch pools without having to do heavy lifting!  Well…maybe next year.

On another note,  we have had some beautiful weather here in Carlsbad this Fall.  Keep an eye on the weather report.  We may have some nice warm days to visit Legoland over Thanksgiving break.

Happy Trails,


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