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Off to Vegas, Baby! (Well With Two Preschoolers and a Big Kid!)

April 3rd, 2009 by bsmith | 3 Comments | Filed in Road Trips, Special Events

The race is on.  I leave in less than 48 hours,  and I can’t find my camera.  Prayers to St. Anthony requested throughout the blogosphere!  I can’t tell you how many cool photo ops I have missed while tooling around Carlsbad these past couple of days.  Moonlight beach…the wildflowers on the trail behind my house…must find camera!!!!  I have a sneaking suspicion that  my four year old has hidden it, but I can’t get him to fess up.

Here’s what we have on tap for next week:

  • Lied Children’s museum and perhaps the Natural History Museum depending on how we are doing that day.
  • Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur-Hopefully Destiny can endure the Hulabaloo.  She’s pretty timid.
  • The Adventure Dome at Circus Circus-That one is for my big boy Justin.
  • The Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour-inspired by one of our friend Soultravelers3 You Tube videos of a European Chocolate Factory.  Destiny loves that one.  She has quite the sweet tooth.
  • Springs Reserve-This is a big outdoor park/museum combination to explore.  I’m hoping it will get us moving and enjoying an outdoor adventure-No rain please!
  • The Gregory Popovich Pet Show-Four year old Jared can hardly wait to see this one.  He thinks it will be just like the time Clifford joined the circus!
  • Fun in the pool at the Golden Nugget (Sliding Among the Sharks) and the MGM Grand (Tubing on the lazy river)

Went to Walmart and spent way too much money on stuff we “needed” but now everyone has the appropriate amount of socks and underwear as well as hats, flip flops, and their very own “adventure guidebook” to take notes for the next Smith Family Adventure e-guidebook to Las Vegas.  Hope the rain stays away, I figure out how to navigate the streets of Vegas in a giant Yukon that I have only driven twice, and we generally have a good time.

Finally if you live close to San Diego and are reading this on Saturday April 4th head down to Balboa Park for the Science Festival.  I’m keeping the little guys at home to rest up for the trip (and find the camera!), but Ken and Justin are going .  I’m very jealous! Free admission to lots of science related museums, booths, demonstrations, entertainment.  It looks like it will be an amazing day of cheap fun in San Diego.  Always a good thing.  Find out more at  More than 500 free science activities what could be better than that!

Well dear readers, won’t be posting much next week due to the ridiculous cost of hotel internet connections (Maybe after I sell a few Legoland  guidebooks, I’ll be able to afford them).  Stay tuned though.  I’ll have plenty of Vegas goodness to share on my return.

Happy Trails,


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