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A Kid in a Candy Store: Cousin’s Candy Old Town San Diego

October 16th, 2009 by bsmith | 4 Comments | Filed in Photo Friday, San Diego Adventures


                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cousin's Candy Store, Old Town San Diego

Recently, my friend and I took the Coaster Train from Carlsbad to Old Town San Diego.  Between us we had five kids ranging in age from 13 months to 10 years old.  If you have taken that length of train ride you know, that the ride down is easy.  Everyone is filled with anticipation about the adventure ahead.  The ride home is another story however, everyone is tired and grouchy.  My solution to this thorny problem is Cousin’s Candy Shop in Old Town San Diego.  Take the kids to this marvelous store full of sweet delights, let them pick out one item, give them an opportunity to savor it on the train ride home.
My ten year old made an impressive photo essay out of his candy store visit.  Enjoy!







Happy Trails!


P.S.  Family Adventure Guidebooks is happy to participate in Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday Blog Roundup.  For some delicious travel photos click here.

P.P.S. For information on San Diego Old Town Ghost Tours and other fun Halloween activities in San Diego check out my post on


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Family Adventure Without Wheels

November 7th, 2008 by bsmith | 3 Comments | Filed in At Home Adventures, San Diego Day Trips

My little ones are very jealous!  Big Brother and Daddy are going camping with the Cub Scous this weekend.  This is a favorite activity for the little ones.  Adding to the challenge, the big boys are taking our only car.  (Our old commuter car died and we are saving up for Dad’s dream vehicle…a used SUV.) 

What’s a family travel guru to do?  Here’s a list of adventures we may have this weekend to keep us all in good spirits until Daddy gets home.  Hopefully if I do one or two they will go to bed early and sleep all night!

1) Take the dog for a walk on a local wooded hiking trail.

2) Dust off the jogging stroller and walk to nearby BatiquitosLagoon-the kids can walk the trail when we get there.

3) Swim in our pool.  (Sure it’s November but this is Southern California…it’s still in the 70′s and 80′s)

4)  Walk to a local park.

5) Break out the Sidewalk Chalk.

6)  Dig out those frozen yogurt coupons and walk to the yogurt store for a treat.

7) Little Kids movie night with lots of popcorn.

8) Practice our tricycle skills at the little rock garden by our house.

9) Set up our own tent in the back yard.

10)  If I wasn’t on a budget, I would bum a ride to the train station and hop a Coaster Train to Old Town and have a picnic.

Any more ideas????

Happy Trails,


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