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An Unexpected Adventure

November 7th, 2008 by bsmith | 4 Comments | Filed in Smith Family Misadventures

I had to laugh, because in my last post I said if it was in my budget I would take a train adventure this weekend.  Little did I know that eight hours later I would get my wish.

I drove down to the SD airport with my two youngest to pick up my husband.  He was supposed to drop us off on his way to camp.  Unfortunately his plane was delayed, and he was concerned that he wasn’t going to make it up in time to give my son his sleeping bag before they closed the gate!  So he decided to drop us off at the Coaster Train Station and we could take the train back up.  The schedule Ken was reading said that it would be very tight.  He opened the van, I grabbed two kids, a diaper bag, and two booster seats and got on the train. 

Ken’s schedule was outdated, and we waited a bit for the train to go.   The kids wanted to climb up to the very top, so we did.  Next time I wouldn’t sit so close to the stairs.  My little guys were very wiggly (it was almost 7pm) and I was worried that they would fall down the stairs.  Closer to the middle would be a better way to go.  Luckily the train was sparsely populated so two boisterous preschoolers didn’t create much of a disturbance.  I was ill prepared since I did not plan to take this adventure.  We didn’t have snacks or much to do.  I managed to find some Post It notes that we had gotten for free at Pirate Day in Oceanside and we wrote on them with pens.  I also brought out my cell phone locked so they could push all the buttons. 

Destiny made up this tremendous game entitled, “I Wish”.  Jared wishes inevitably involved icecream.  Destiny wanted to ride the train alone or have a pony and a sheep.  I mostly wished to be home in my bed…ordeal over. 

We made it to the station, caught a taxi, and are finally home in our beds.  The kids would file this under adventure.  I would file it under misadventure.

Lessons Learned:

  • Have a up to date train schedule.
  • Riding the Coaster from the downtown station to Carlsbad is really fun.  However, it can seem very long if you do it with preschoolers.  Old Town or Oceanside is about the max I’m willing to go in the future!
  • Make sure you always carry some kids sweatshirts in the car.  Luckily it was a warm night.  Because we were supposed to be making a climate controlled pick up, the little ones didn’t have jackets or sweaters.
  • A well stocked diaper bag or “emergency” pack is worth its weight in gold.  I’ve gotten kind of lax as we reach the end of potty training, but some snacks, toys, and warmer clothes would have come in handy.
  • Yes there is a bathroom on the Coaster…its a little stinky and airplane like, but worth enduring.
  • Carry some cash…it allowed me to pay the $15 it cost to get home.
  • Keep your sense of humor…the central tenant of parenting.

The kids had a blast.  Anything, I do later in the weekend will be anti-climactic.  Happy Trails,


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