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Legoland Report

December 22nd, 2008 by bsmith | 1 Comment | Filed in Legoland

A soggy hello from Carlsbad, California!  Needless to say this would not be a great day to head to Legoland.  (If you find yourself in Carlsbad however it may be a great day to visit the newly re-opened Sea Life Aquarium…good timing model citizens :) .

My three part adventure was not to be.  This holiday season has been somewhat hectic, and I didn’t have three days plus childcare to make it happen.  Thanks to my gracious friend Ellen who sponsored three of our family members as her guest, we had a great family day at Legoland yesterday. 

It was clear, cold and a little sunny.  We had fun taking a picture with a lego Santa and sleigh.  There is also a beautiful massive lego Christmas tree (30 feet tall commprised of more than 245,00 blocks and some more subtle holiday decorations around the park. They even had some elves giving out lego bricks  I would have appreciated a few more decorations.   It didn’t have a holiday feeling throughout the park like Disneyland this time of year. According to Ellen however the FBI is checking out Santa on the roof of the White House.  Those Lego builders have sense of humor!

Still, our visit reminded me that I enjoy the smaller scale of this park especially for the little ones.  It was so much less frentic than our Disneyland visit.  In general, the lines were short which was appreciated.  If you are planning a San Diego, keep an eye on the weather report.  Carlsbad seems to be alternating between stormy and clear days.

The new additions to the Sea Life aquarium are:

* New tiger sharks and rays in the Atlantis exhibit

* A new slide in the Lake Tahoe area

*An interactive lego sand castle

*New Murals at the front entrance.

There is also a lego Christmas Tree in the Ocean tank to give the aquarium a holiday touch.

If you are heading to Legoland this holiday season, be aware there are extended hours later in the week.  Legoland at night is very fun and often less crowded so take advantage.  If we all still had passes you would find us at the kids New Year’s Eve celebration.  So nice to have a kid friendly way to welcome the new year!

 There is a nice little red and green firework celebration at closing each night.

If you are heading to Legoland please check out my Unauthorized Guide to Legoland California availiable on

Happy Holidays!



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Legoland is Spooktacular on Saturday Nights in October!

October 5th, 2008 by bsmith | 2 Comments | Filed in Autumn Adventures, Legoland
Destiny and Justin Show off the Headless Pumpkin

Destiny and Justin Show off the Headless Pumpkin

The kids and I had a blast at Legoland tonight!  It was crowded, but since we stayed until closing we were able to have the rides all to ourselves at the end of the night.  For those who are curious, if you come during the day you do not need to exit the park and then re-enter.  You do need  to come to the front of the park and pick up a wristband for the night time festivities.

Castle Hill is alive with music and stilt walkers.  The Rides in Land of Adventure were also open.  Jared tried Knights Tournament for the first time.  The kids enjoyed the Brick or Treat Trail and collected an assortment of doodads and unhealthy goodies.  Justin made friends with fellow Clone Troopers at the Hideaways and they captured the fortress.  We opted out of the costume contest since we were dressed in rather generic costumes, and I’m somewhat glad we did.   The lines didn’t seem worth the goodie bags.  During the contest we built Lego pumpkins and received some great balloon creations.

The party was a very fun way to enjoy Legoland, but I don’t think I’d recommend attending the night time party alone since your access to the park is limited and the price is steep.  If you purchase a regular admission on a Saturday in October you can get added value from your entrance by enjoying the night time party.  If you are a member make sure you use your coupon and enjoy the party!


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Brick or Treat Party Nights Are Here!

September 25th, 2008 by bsmith | 1 Comment | Filed in Legoland
Kitty Cat Destiny enjoys a Halloween Trip to Legoland, Ca

Kitty Cat Destiny enjoys a Halloween Trip to Legoland, Ca


I got my member newsletter in the mail from Legoland last week.  Those are the best because they always contain bring a friend coupons and other great discounts.  This year, we receive free admission for the Brick or Treat Party Nights since we are pass members and could bring a friend for an additional $25 which would include an all day Legoland admission.  (Make friends with a Legoland pass holder today!)

Last year we tried the Brick or Treat Trail.  It was really fun.  I liked that they included lego bricks and organic apples with their Wonka Candy.  The contribution to the annual sugar rush was limited.  This year I think we will use our free coupon and attend the night time brick or treat celebration next weekend.  We need to get there before our passes run out.  You might want to think about having the kids come in costume.  I read on line today about someone who actually won the costume contest and got free tickets to return to Legoland.  I’ll try and post after our adventure and let you know if the night time activities are really worth it.  I love Legoland at night, so I think at least I’ll have fun.

Don’t  throw away that member newsletter.  It also includes 4 bring a friend free coupons good from November 1st-December 25th.  I plan to use these to take the kids on some special mommy dates come Christmas time.  If you will be purchasing Legos this Christmas it also has a 20% off coupon good for purchases made at Legoland in early December.

Well, better figure out what we’re wearing next weekend.

Happy Trails,



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The Force Was With Them…

September 16th, 2008 by bsmith | 2 Comments | Filed in Legoland
Jared, Justin, and Justin's favorite clone trooper Commander Cody at Legoland 2008

Jared, Justin, and Commander Cody

Lego Starwars Day is something that every 5-12 year old boy should have the chance to experience at least once.  Think “kid-friendly version of Comi-Com”.  Justin loves all the elaborate Star Wars Costumes and amazing Lego models built by adult fans.  This year they had a several fun activities including one where everytime the kids were approached by storm troopers they had to respond “We are not the ones you are seeking.”  There are also costume contests and building events.  If you missed Lego Starwars Day, make sure that you keep an eye out for it in Fall 2009.  Be warned though, the park is very busy that day and there will be long lines for many of the rides.
Happy Trails,
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