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Family Travel Tip Tuesday: Do Your Research!

August 25th, 2009 by bsmith | 2 Comments | Filed in San Diego Adventures, San Diego Beaches, Travel Tips

Our Failed Grunion Adventure

Anyone who followed me on Twitter  early this August may have noted my increasingly desperate posts about grunion ( a little fish that comes up to breed on Southern California beaches) .  I had organized a Cub Scout Grunion Run, only to discover that the grunion were not running anywhere in the San Diego area.  When I desperately contacted the leading grunion experts, they informed me that grunion are very sporadic by August.  Optimal conditions to spot grunion  occur in late April/early June.

The hard lesson I took away from my quixotic search for grunion is this, do your research!  If I  had contacted the grunion experts before I planned the outing, my scouts would have been alot happier and surrounded by fish.  Instead, as you see above, we had a blast walking up the beach at 10:30 at night, eating brownies and juice, and heading home to our beds.

Which brings me to the second lesson of the evening.  Even failed adventures can be  fun!

Happy Trails,


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