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Why Family Adventure Guidebooks?

October 30th, 2008 by bsmith | 1 Comment | Filed in Family Adventure Guidebooks

Hi Everyone,

Next week, I promise I’ll have a cute picture of Jared and Destiny at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  For now, I wanted to take a minute to share a little “fairy tale” that my friend Deb wrote for me, after I asked her to envision  where my business might take me. 

I received  some great ”vision statements”  from many friends and family members through this exercise, but this one was certainly the most poetic.  I also think that it captured why I have embarked upon this venture (or misadventure as it seems at times) of blogging about family travel and writing travel guidebooks. 

Deb has given me a eloquent mission statement of sorts.  In the coming days, months and years I’ll be trying to live up to her high standards.

Happy Trails,





Deb’s Dream for Me


Once upon a time there was a woman who, because of divine determination, destined herself to be the female steward for 3 amazing kids.  In her search to introduce said children to the wonders of this amazing planet this woman became perplexed.  Why, said she, did family vacations and adventures need to be so problematic.  Where were healthy eating places, kid friendly and affordable lodging, potties with toilet paper and smiles, no entrance fees, fresh air and natural sounds of birds and musical instruments rather than the clanging and crashing of all things battery driven?  



In this age of “Greening” why are interactive toys and games made with a seasonal expiration date.  If we are teaching our children to be saviors of the earth, she thought, why do we provide them with landfill?  What happened to literature for kids and art and singing and meals together and conversation and laughter?  There must be places, other than in my amazing home, where these values are truly valued, where the village is valued regardless of political bent, where the entrance fee isn’t an IZOD T-shirt, or where there’s no entrance fee at all, because of course God didn’t intend for His amazing handiwork to be inaccessible to anyone. 



“Wait”, thought the woman.   “God has blessed me with the gift of faith.  He has also provided me incredible brains, patience, hutzpah, and kindness. I also know that the rewards to me of using these “God gifts” will more than satisfy my needs.   And although at times I rue the day that Gates and Jobs were born, I have developed skills and a compatibility with computers that affords me an opportunity to enhance peoples lives in ways beyond one person’s ability to imagine.”   “I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD; ONE KID, ONE DESTINATION, ONE HAPPY MOMENT, ONE EFFORTLESS TRIP, ONE OVERWORKED MOM, ONE FRAZZLED DAD, ONE DAY AT A TIME”,   Bridget said.   And she smiled.


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Camera Disasters

September 23rd, 2008 by bsmith | No Comments | Filed in Smith Family Misadventures
Photo by Jared, 3 Year Old Stealth Photographer

Photo by Jared, 3 Year Old Stealth Photographer

After looking at the comments responding to the “Don’t Forget Your Shoes” post and talking with a friend over the weekend, I realized that most of us have probably had a camera mishap that has put a kink in our family adventures.

For my friend Inga, her adventure started with a fun visit to the local Japanese Tea Garden.  She has a new baby and a preschooler, so any outing is sure to be an adventure.  Still, the garden was a favorite, and Daddy was along…what could go wrong?  Well… Inga was nursing, her husband was videotaping her cute preschooler when suddenly said preschooler made a run for the water with still camera in hand.  He threw it into the nearest Koi pond and before Dad had time to fish out the camera , took off running in the opposite direction.

I was not terrible surprised to hear Inga’s tale of woe.  That sort of thing happens to our family all the time.  We are on our third still camera in nine years.  Camera number one was crushed when my husband Ken and our son Justin crashed a sled into a tree.  Camera number two was dropped in the middle of our Christmas festivities last year.  

What have I learned from my misfortune?  What words of wisdom did I pass on to Inga?  Buy a cheaper camera!  Our latest camera,  the Nikon Coolpix, cost about $100 on sale at Best Buy.  It takes pictures that are as good as or better than our first super premium Olympus camera.  It is not as small as the pricey Pentax that served as camera number two, but it still fits easily in my pocket or purse.  The best part is, when this camera inevitably gets smooshed, drowned, or dropped by my preschoolers I won’t be furious about having to replace it.  The photos taken with the Nikon have been used in $100 worth of newspaper articles and family calendars.  My conclusion after a long history of camera misadventures…keep it small, keep it cheap, enough said!

What’s your most tragic camera misadventure?

Happy Trails,


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