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Photo Friday: San Diego Zoo Elephant Pool Party

July 2nd, 2010 by bsmith | 1 Comment | Filed in San Diego Adventures, San Diego Zoo


Elephant Enjoys a Snack at the Elephant Beach Party

The kids and I were invited to the media preview of the Elephant Pool Party  at the San Diego Zoo.  This fun and mellow event is free with the price of  zoo admission. It  takes place July 1-4, then every Saturday through September 4th.  If you find yourself at the San Diego Zoo on any of those dates, head to the Elephant Odyssey exhibit between 11 am and noon.

During the pool party the zoo provides special enrichment activities for the elephants  including giant elephant sized beach balls and fresh fruit floating in the water.  The day we were there the elephant rejected the beach balls in favor of the floating treats.  She enjoyed apples, oranges, and pineapples.  Surprisingly  her favorite treat appeared to be the lettuce.  She set a great example for my little animals by eating plenty of fruits and veggies!

Watching the Elephant Beach Party, San Diego Zoo

 Hopefully  their curiosity will get the best of them and they’ll  eventually they will start exploring the balls.  During a recent interview with Zoo Ambassador Rick Schwartz, he explained to me that although the zoo keepers supply plenty of enrichment, they give the animals the opportunity to choose whether or not to participate.

Hula Hoop Diva, San Diego Zoo

 The zoo was kind enough to provide enrichment activities for their young visitors.  Destiny loved hula hooping and visiting with Dr. Zoolittle.  Jared had fun cuddling up to the life sized statue of an elephant baby.

Jared's New Buddy, San Diego Zoo

 Dr. Zoolittle was a very friendly guy and once again proved that San Diego Zoo volunteers are some of the nicest around!

Destiny and Dr. Zoolittle, San Diego Zoo Elephant Beach Party

 Hope you have a little beach party in your  4th of July weekend plans!

Happy Trails,


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