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Twenty Dollar Discount Tickets to LEGOLAND and a Chance to Support the Schools-Best Bargain Ever!

April 25th, 2012 by bsmith | No Comments | Filed in Legoland, Legoland bargains, Legoland Discounts, Uncategorized

As you know LEGOLAND is one of my favorite places on the planet, so I wanted to share with you an excellent way to visit LEGOLAND at a discount and to support the Carlsbad City Schools.    This Saturday April 28th LEGOLAND and the Carlsbad Educational Foundation are sponsoring a special fundraiser from 1-9 pm.  For only $20 you can enjoy an afternoon and evening at LEGOLAND California with your family.  There will be special performances by Carlsbad area students for you to enjoy.  We are unable to go this year due to Destiny’s first communion, but we have gone in previous years and it has been really fun.  Be ready to use all your great LEGOLAND strategies to avoid the crowds.

This situation in Carlsbad schools is pretty dire, they are raising class size to levels that seem too big to let the kids move around the classroom.  There is talk about cutting special education.  We are losing some great teachers, which is a tragedy.  I have found Pacific Rim teachers to be the best I have ever worked with.  Carlsbad schools need your support and you can have a blast helping out.

I also want to give an extra shout out to the Carlsbad Educational Foundation.  I am proud to say that Ken’s Uncle Jay assisted in founding this organization many years ago.  They do an amazing  job of fundraising that provides community service while raising money to benefit students.  My son spent a year in their kindergarten daycare program.  The teachers were so professional and kind.  The proceeds from tuition went to the foundation.  If you need quality child care in Carlsbad for school age children, I would highly recommend CEF’s Kids Care program.

This summer the kids will be participating in some CEF Day Camps as well.  Once again my kids will have quality care and opportunities to learn and grow (everything from Spanish, to Art, to Junior Astronaut camp).

If you are interested in attending Celebrate Carlsbad Day you click on the Carlsbad Educational Foundation Website.  It looks very easy to order tickets.

Happy Trails,


P.S. Thanks  to Stacey at San Diego Bargain Mama for  her tireless work on behalf of the Carlsbad Schools.



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Best LEGOLAND Bargain of the Year:$15 discount tickets-1 day only!!!

April 9th, 2010 by bsmith | 2 Comments | Filed in Family Travel, Legoland, theme parks, Travel Discounts

Taking the entire family to LEGOLAND California can be a pricey, but worthwhile adventure.  Still, if you are on a budget or just want to preview the park before spending big bucks, Celebrate Carlsbad Day can be a great way to help  Carlsbad Schools and enjoy a LEGOLAND adventure.

Every year LEGOLAND California generously holds this day as a  fundraiser for the Carlsbad Educational Foundation.  Funds raised are used for music and science enrichment at the Carlsbad Unified School District (including my son’s school).  Tickets are $15 and are good for a visit between 1pm-9pm on May 1, 2010.  It will be crowded that day so plan accordingly.  It may not be the best day to promise to take your 5 year old on all the most popular rides.  Still LEGOLAND is seldom open past 6pm and it’s fun to catch a glimpse of LEGOLAND at night.

If you are interested, you can order tickets by phone at 760-929-1555.  Tickets include coupon for a $5 admission ticket to the Sea Life aquarium on May 1 or 2nd which makes them an extra great value.

Hope you enjoy your Legoland adventure.

Happy Trails!



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Best Legoland Bargain of the Year: Celebrate Carlsbad Day Discount Tickets for $15

April 26th, 2009 by bsmith | No Comments | Filed in Legoland, theme parks, Travel Discounts
Jared on His Way to a Joust, Legoland California

Jared on His Way to a Joust, Legoland California

The Carlsbad Educational Foundation is hosting its annual Celebrate Carlsbad Day Fundraiser at Legoland California on May 2, 2009 from 1pm-9pm and includes evening fireworks.   Tickets are only $15  dollars and must be purchased in advance at several locations throughout North County.  The Sheraton Carlsbad is even offering special Celebrate Carlsbad Day discounts for guests visiting on May 1st and 2nd.

These are by far the cheapest Legoland tickets you can purchase, and they are for a great cause.  All proceeds benefit enrichment programs at the Carlsbad Schools.  Like all districts here in California, Carlsbad has been hit hard by budget cuts.  The grants distributed by the Carlsbad Educational foundation are key to maintaining a high quality engaging education for Carlsbad students.  You can catch a glimpse of some of the great performing arts and music programs funded by the foundation as several student acts including the award winning Carlsbad High dancers perform throughout the day. 

This is a great bargain, and in general you get the same level of Legoland experience available to visitors on any give day.  There are, however, two big differences.  The Big Test Show in Fun Town is cancelled to make room for student performances.  Also it is CROWDED!  We attended last year because it was the day that our Legoland passes were expiring.  We followed some of the strategies in my book that allowed us to have fun without waiting in too many lines.    It definately took longer to get around and we skipped some of the rides that were too busy.  I am guessing that early evening may be somewhat less crowded, so consider staying late if you go.

Still, if you think this will be one of your only Legoland experiences ever, and you did not have a chance to buy a $15 dollar ticket, I would plan to visit another day.  The crowds might not be worth the visit, although the fireworks will be fun.

Here’s the information for obtaining advance tickets .  If you decide to go, I thank you in advance.  My kids will benefit from your generosity.

For more Legoland bargains as well as tips on how to avoid the crowds, check out my Unauthorized Legoland Guidebook available on LULU.Com

Happy Trails,


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