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Mondays are for Dreaming: The Perfect Camping Trip

May 25th, 2009 by bsmith | 5 Comments | Filed in Mondays are for Dreaming, Scouting, Smith Family Misadventures

Ok, I screwed up.  I was trying to post a comment on the Mother of All Trip’s blog and ended up  entering the “Mondays are For Dreaming” blog round up instead.  Oh well, it gives me a chance to show off my cute kid pictures from this weekend.

I am dreaming of the perfect camping trip.  Somewhere far away and wooded.  It should include a lake  for canoeing and fishing, flush toilets and showers, a campsite and trails that allow dogs, lots of trails to explore, and plenty of boulders to climb on. 

 On this perfect trip I  would cook healthy gourmet meals and the whole family would eat them cheerfully.  The kids would entertain themselves effortlessly with twigs and dirt.  Someone would watch the other kids so I could go on stress free jaunts with each one individually.  Perhaps I would be able to squeeze in a solo sunrise hike.  I would have remembered everything including socks for each member of the family and tent poles!  Oh, and every kid would eagerly pose for pictures with a perfect smile.

OK, that’s my dream camping experience.  Now on to what happened this weekend:

Here’s what we ate:


Destiny's Healthy Dinner-S'mores Followed by Pizza

Destiny's Other Dinner Courtesy of a Mom Who Brought Healthy Food

Destiny's Other Dinner Courtesy of a Mom Who Brought Healthy Food

 Here’s where we slept:

I Forget the Tent Poles for the Big Tent So Mom and the Kids Squooshed into this Tent.  Dad Slept Outside Under the Stars.

One Small Tent for Five People

 (I forgot the tent poles so four of us squeezed into one small 3 man tent. Daddy slept under the stars.)

Here’s how much my son liked posing for pictures:
Justin's Grumpy Face

Justin's Grumpy Face

 Seriously,  we enjoyed our Mataguay adventure, and I look forward to sharing it’s beauty with you in a future Photo Friday Post.

Happy Trails,


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