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Photo Friday: Crunchy Meal Worms and Missed Butterfly Kisses, San Diego Wild Animal Park

April 16th, 2010 by bsmith | 5 Comments | Filed in San Diego Adventures, San Diego Day Trips, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Special Events, Spring Adventures

We have been San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park members on and off for the last three years, and I have never attended annual “Butterfly Jungle” exhibit.   This year Spring Break fell during the tail end of this fabulous event and nothing…not dishwasher deliveries or kids with colds was going to stop us!  So a bit sniffly we ventured out after lunch in search of some Wild Animal Park butterflies.

Silly Butterflies, SD Wild Animal Park

Upon our arrival we met some pretty amusing butterflies.  My kids were a bit skeptical and didn’t want to stop and dance with these unusal  creatures.  There were a bunch of two year olds boogying down with Latin American instruments however.  We followed the giant silken butterflies posted throughout the park until we came upon… a pretty substantial line!

Luckily the Wild Animal Park made waiting in line both amusing and enjoyable.  There was a guy in butterfly wings giving out barbecue flavored meal worms and crickets for the guests to try.  It was fun to see people’s responses when they were offered real live bugs.  My ten year old, Justin and I tried these delicacies.  Justin was a little hesitant to eat the cricket, but in the end he found it delicious!  He made me eat the legs, however.






Bottoms Up!

Not So Sure About the Crickets!

Not So Sure About the Crickets!

The highlight of our wait in line was a visit with the Butterfly Queen who was giving out bookmarks.  Destiny and Jared thought she was delightful!

Butterfly Queen, San Diego Wild Animal Park

Once again I was amazed by the patience and creativity of the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park’s staff and volunteers.  They are truly a priceless gift to the visitors.

The kids were very bummed.  Despite being decked out in our most colorful threads, we didn’t have a single butterfly land on us.  Justin and I had fun taking pictures though.

Green Butterfly, Butterfly Jungle, SD Wild Animal Park



Taking Flight

 The kids had fun spinning for the volunteers as we left the exhibit.  They need to check to make sure that there aren’t any hitchhikers since the FDA prohibits these butterflies being released into the wild.

If you want to catch this colorful exhibit before it leaves, head to the San Diego Wild Animal Park this weekend.  Say hi to those silly butterfly folks from me!

Happy Trails,


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