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Photo Friday: Bull Riding Adventures in Auburn, California

June 24th, 2011 by bsmith | Filed under Uncategorized.

It’s funny how a simple park outing can lead to fun and dramatic adventures.  Our last night in Auburn, Mom and I planned a low key outing to let the kids blow off some steam.  We decided to visit Auburn Regional Park, one of my childhood favorites.  The park has a great play structure and a lake complete will Canadian geese.  On this evening, however,  Auburn residents were enjoying the annual Party in the Park.  Activities  included a live concert,  food and educational booths, and an amazing kids play zone filled with giant bounce house slides, a climbing wall, and a bucking bronco.

The kids were excited about the Kids Zone, but I only had a $24 in my wallet and passes for three would cost $30.  I planned to just buy a few tickets, but the company running the Kids Zone  took pity on me and sold me three wrist bands for that price.  While the little kids checked out the jump houses with Nana, Justin took on the bull riding booth.  Here are the results:

Auburn is a family friendly town with lots of warmth and personality.  We can hardly wait to go back!

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