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A Must Experience Family Adventure…CYT’S “Just So Stories”

March 9th, 2011 by bsmith | Filed under San Diego Adventures.

Funny how this Ash Wednesday I found myself just where God needed me to be!  Our family is in crisis mode right now.  Both Ken’s mom and my dad are afflicted with cancer, so time is very precious and it seems like everyone needs our help .  My mother in law is in the hospital recovering from surgery, but previously I had volunteered to drive for Destiny’s class field trip.  When I tried to get out of my commitment, I discovered that there were no other parent volunteers to take my place.  So despite the fact that I felt quite guilty for having fun, I found myself sitting in the audience of “Just So Stories” a wonderful musical inspired by the work of Rudyard Kipling.

I didn’t expect much, a children’s play based on the stories of Rudyard Kipling,  how could that be relevant for today’s six year olds and for this 38 year old for that matter?  Magically, as the musical began to unfold I found that it was.  The story had a moral positive message that permeated my soul and brought me a few hours of peace amidst this ocean of craziness.  The kids loved it to and were on the edge of their seats for most of the two hour performance.

Everyone involved in this performance, besides the director, was a young person between the ages of 6-18.  Even the lighting crew and the stage managers were kids!  The  colorful sets and costumes were professional quality.  The young performers danced and sang like experienced Broadway actors.  The story was entertaining with plenty of witty asides for the grownups and more obvious humor for the kids.  I was awed that this complex, professional quality production was carried  so confidently by a large cast of young actors!

If you and your family find yourselves in Northern San Diego this weekend you should consider attending the next showing of “Just So Stories” at the Star Theater in Oceanside on Saturday at 2pm and 7pm or on Sunday at 2pm.  If you can’t make it, be sure to keep on eye on the CYT website.  They have an impressive array of productions being staged all over San Diego County this spring.  They also offer summer camps which Destiny is very interested in attending.  Due to her dislike of scratchy costumes she is planning to man the  stage lights!

The most spine tingling part of this story is that,  when I went to research the meaning of the acronym CYT, I discovered it means Christian Youth Theater.  Looks like God was guiding my Ash Wednesday plans after all!

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