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Move it Monday: The Power of the Bike , Bike Donations Needed in Carlsbad, California

February 7th, 2011 by bsmith | Filed under Move It Monday.

This winter I learned to ride a bike… again! When I was five I tried to learn to ride my beautiful purple princess bike to no avail, as a teenager I mastered the skill, but twenty years passed without getting back on my bike.

I always told myself that when the kids were old enough to ride, I would join them. Now I peddle a pink beach cruiser around the cul de sac like a crazy woman! I love the sense of freedom, balance, and speed. I see how good it is for my boys to work off steam and develop their motor skills. Destiny is my hold out, but I will work hard to ensure that she doesn’t wait until 37 years old to ride a bike!

St. Elizabeth Seton in Carlsbad, California is collecting used boys and mens bikes for an orphanage in Mexico. As much as our kids benefit from the power of the bike, these boys benefit ten fold. They don’t have a lot of toys or possessions. The bikes give them exercise and freedom.

If you live in San Diego County and have an old bike sitting in your garage e-mail me at familyadventureguidebooksatgmaildotcom, and I will get you in touch with the folks at St. Elizabeth’s. Don’t worry if the bike isn’t in perfect condition. Apparently those St. Elizabeth angels are masters of bike repair.

Lets share the power of the bike this Move It Monday. Wherever you are go out for a ride!

Happy Trails,

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