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Move It Monday: Kinect Dance Central Marathon

January 24th, 2011 by bsmith | Filed under Move It Monday.

Destiny Gets Down to Dance Central

The boys in our family headed to a Monster Truck Rally, so Destiny and I were left to decide what to do with “girl time”.  Foolishly I proposed we try to dance all the dances in the Dance Central  game.  More than two hours later we are still going!

If you haven’t tried out Microsoft Kinect go visit a friend who has one!  It is one of the best investments our family has made.  No matter what the weather the kids have an excuse to move.  Kids of all ages can play most of the games. Still,  be prepared for some disappointments since Mom and big brother usually win due to their larger size and greater experience.  With Destiny I have been trying to focus on beating her individual score.  I’ve also promised her  I would play the last dance on hard, to give her the advantage.

Dance Central has upbeat dance music (a few with questionable lyrics, but it seems to make it over kids heads).  The choreography is realistic.   Every time I do a jazz square  in the game I give a grudging thanks to my middle school P.E. teachers Mrs. Briggs and Ms. Cuppola.  I hated that class, but ironically they some of the few middle school teachers whose names I actually remember!    I wish I had learned the choreography  to “Pump Up the Jam” when I was in high school.  I would have dazzled my high school boyfriend with my moves.

Finally video games that the whole family can play!  With Dance Central I’m out of breath and not quite ready for my debut on Glee, but I’m having fun exercising.  Let’s see how I feel tomorrow after over three hours of dancing ;)

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