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Family Adventure Guidebooks Welcomes 2011!

January 4th, 2011 by bsmith | Filed under At Home Adventures, Family Adventure Guidebooks.

Jared Welcomes 2011

The Smith Family said  goodbye to 2010 on Friday night  with a good old fashioned New Year’s Eve  party at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Then Justin, age 11  and I rang in the New Year with party poppers at midnight.  (Everyone else in the house refused to wake up for the celebration).

Yummy eats, New Years 2011

Our little party reminded me of the importance of family traditions.  The foods we ate were the same that my parents and I shared with neighbors over thirty years ago.  The funny party hats reminded me of past holiday parties with my own grandparents.  The confetti poppers were Justin’s idea, perhaps the start of a new traditon.

Princess Destiny in her New Year's Tiara

My dad, John Gillin takes holiday traditions  seriously.  From See’s Irish potatoes to chocolate Easter bunnies, we always celebrate holidays with joy and lots of chocolate.  He has baked special cookies almost every Christmas and made home made peach ice cream at the Fourth of July.  Dad has a card for every occasion, Easter, St. Patrick’s day…you name it!

The Life of the Party, New Years Eve 2011

Now it’s my turn to keep those traditions alive.  This year I made the New Year’s Eve clam dip and found the funny party hats.  Next year, I will tackle my grandma Lue’s black walnut cookies and mint chocolate chip kiss tortes.

I love you Dad.  Thanks for inspiring me with your family traditions.  I promise to keep them alive, and even create some of my own!

Happy New Year to All!

Happy Trails,


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