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State Park Sunday: Bloggers Rally in Support of Proposition 21

October 24th, 2010 by bsmith | Filed under State Park Sundays.

State Parks Supporters, Wilder Ranch SP Fourth of July Celebration

The above photo was taken at one of the best Fourth of July celebrations I ever attended.  Every year volunteers at Wilder Ranch State Park put on an amazing old fashioned turn of the century Fourth of July party.  Kids can do vintage crafts, the Declaration of Independence is read, and you can even try some hand cranked ice cream!  This 2009 Fourth of July Celebration was particularly poignant since at that time Wilder Ranch was one of many California State Parks scheduled to be closed due to California’s budget crisis. 

 In 2010 I spent the Fourth of July at a Padres Game.  The game had gone into extra innings and things were looking grim for our Padres. Suddenly the announcer shouted Rally Time!  The crowd went wild, cheering , hooting, and stomping their feet.  Bouyed by the crowds enthusiasm the Padres rose to the challenge and won their game.

As I write this the state parks are limping along.  Most remain open with a skeleton crew. Crime is up due to decreased ranger supervision and bathrooms at some parks are closed because they can’t afford anyone to clean them.  As California still struggles with budget woes every cycle brings new threats of closure.  Last year a major corporation withdrew a publicity campaign in conjunction with the state parks because they weren’t even sure that the state parks they were trying to help could remain open!

It’s rally time for State Parks throughout California .  On Tuesday November 2nd, California voters will have chance to save the state parks and get something of real value at the same time.  If Proposition 21 passes ,California drivers will pay an $18 vehicle registration fee and receive in return unlimited day use admission to California State Parks.  As I see it, everyone wins. All  Californians get  access to their local state parks.  This means more trips to the beach, more hikes to scenic outlooks,  and more chances to learn about California History at a nearby historic park.  Tourists who already travel from all over the world to experience the natural beauty of California State Parks get to enjoy clean well maintained restrooms and quality ranger programs.  The towns that depend on these tourists for revenue survive and thrive as our state parks become a world class tourist destination.  All for $18, the price of a large pizza.

So my fellow travel bloggers…it’s rally time. Let’s make some noise!  Spread the word about Proposition 21.  Share your favorite state park memory with your readers. 

Thanks to San Diego Bargain Mama, Fun Orange County Parks, and Day Tripping Mom for their Yes on 21 Posts.  Stay tuned this week for more posts about my favorite state parks and links to bloggers participating in our rally.  I’m looking forward to reading about everyone’s state park adventures.

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