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Photo Friday: Flamingo Flock Out for a Stroll (Seaworld, San Diego)

May 14th, 2010 by bsmith | Filed under Photo Friday, San Diego Zoo, Sea World.

Flamingos Out for A Stroll, Seaworld, San Diego

 Last Month, my son’s preschool class enjoyed a field trip to Sea World San Diego.  This is an annual event for all six preschool classes so I have been lucky enough to take my kids for the past three years.  I thought I had seen everything at Sea World until a flock of flamingos paraded by soon after our arrival.  School groups are allowed in early, so I’m not sure if this is something that the average tourist would be able to experience, but it was surreal fun for our group to make way for our flamingo friends.  I captured this picture of my son’s very first preschool teacher enjoying this spectacle.   I’m sure Jared will treasure it  in the future.

 A few days later, Ken and I took the kids to the San Diego Zoo and captured another happy flamingo moment.


Off to the Zoo on Sunday.  Hopefully I’ll have some great pictures to share next week!

Happy Trails,


P.S. Family Adventure Guidebooks participates in Delicious Baby’s  Photo Friday Blog Roundup.  Love this post about her visit to Turkey!

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