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Photo Friday: All Aboard for Sonoma Train Town

November 6th, 2009 by bsmith | Filed under Smith Family Adventures, Uncategorized.



Sadly, as my youngest turns five next month, our family is reaching the end of an obsession with trains that lasted more than a decade.  However, a trip to Sonoma Train Town and a ride on the minature train there, showed me that even when kids “out grow” trains, there is something about a train ride that reawakens the kid in all of us.  One of the highlights of our visit was a stop at a kid sized town.  Here is some goofy moments from our layover.



Here is a glimpse of the village from the train.


Here’s the fun life sized rail car with old school video games:


If plan to visit the Wine Country with your family Sonoma Train Town should be at the top of your list for family friendly destinations.  For more information on days Train Town is open click here. 

Family Adventure Guidebooks is a proud participant in Delicious Baby’s Photo Fridays.  For great pictures of her Seattle Halloween adventures click here.

Happy Trails!


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