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Photo Friday: My Favorite Disney Parade

September 4th, 2009 by bsmith | Filed under Disneyland.

Tinker Bell at the Electric Parade

Although Disney Parades are the hallmark of the Disney theme park I am not a huge fan.  You need to find a spot and stake it out well before the parade begins.  This means lots of waiting with wiggly and whiny children.  Adults seem to forget that little people also need to see and end up standing up for the big event blocking everyone’s view.  Although the final result is pretty fun, the music is catchy and the costumes are great, your kids’ favorite part is over all too quickly. 

One the parade is finished leaving the park or moving somewhere else is very difficult.  You are caught in a wave of humanity.  Your kids find themselves surrounded by giant strangers and it’s a battle to keep track of everyone.

We often stop by Disneyland at odd hours and get caught in a parade at the entrance.  By then, all the spectators are lined up and you may find yourself trapped in some small area of the park until the parade moves on.  If we are in the park during a parade you will often find us, taking advantage of the shorter lines at some other area of the park.

Minnie @ Electrical Parade

During my last visit to California Adventure, however, I found a parade that’s worth waiting for.  Disney’s Electrical Parade lights up  the night sky.  It is full of lively music and sparkling electric lights.  The kids are mesmorized by all the great classic Disney characters.  Because it’s located in California Adventure and held at night, it is less crowded than other Disney Parades I’ve experienced.  If you’re lucky one of the light bulb holders will fall off the float and you’ll have a ready made souvenir!  My ten year old cherishes his.

Peter Pan

We headed to line up about 1/2 hour before the parade, and that was on the late side.  Next time we will shoot for 45 minutes.  We managed to find a spot in the back of the park by the SS Rustworthy. (By the way this one of my favorite attractions at California Adventure.  It  is interactive, you don’t need to wait in line, and there is plenty of space to run around.  My kids particularly like “surfing” on the surfboards.)   The parade started just a few feet away so the cast was fresh and spirited. 

After the Parade was over, we headed over to Toy Story Mania.  The line is long, but it is fun and interactive.  The kids and I decided that it was worth the wait.  I appreciated that by the time we had finished, the parade traffic had cleared and it was easy catch a shuttle back to our parking lot.

Honor America, Electrical Parade

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