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Mondays Are For Dreaming: Springtime in Montana

June 22nd, 2009 by bsmith | Filed under Mondays are for Dreaming, Montana Adventures, Uncategorized.

Bee and Chives

-My Brother-in-law and his family are heading off on a cross country road trip to Montana, and I must confess that I’m a little jealous.  First, because Ken’s grandmother was born there and spent her childhood in an orphanage in Missoula.  It would be great to see and touch the building where Grandma Jane grew up.  My big fantasy is to write a novel about her life.  It was an absolutely fascinating one.

Second, one of my favorite virtual friends, Jo Smith now lives in Montana and is  posting tantalizing updates about her acres of land on Facebook.  It is funny.  I have only spent time with this person face to face about twice, but sometimes I miss her so much it hurts.  It would be great to give her a hug and explore the beautiful land that she always writes about.

Still, I don’t think my clan is ready for such an ambitious road trip.  We will confine ourselves to locations within a days drive of our home this summer.  I know they will be packed with fun.

Joanne’s family are all wonderful photographers, and I asked her to share some of her photographic bounty.  The picture above sings to me of spring.  Hopefully I will be able to head east to see Montana for myself one of these years.  In the mean time, enjoy Jo’s tantalizing description of springtime in Montana:

From the Cedar Creek Gardens (that’s our place!LOL) Bill captured this bee taking pollen from the shoots on the chives.  I created a beautiful bouquet of flowers from them just a few days later.  Spring in Montana starts a bit later than other states.  We finally got the garden in Mid-May under a “green house” and just this past weekend were able to bring everything to full light without the threat of frost; although we keep an eye on temps and have plastic at the ready all summer.  I really hope all you gardeners out there are enjoying your fresh veggies and the sunshine.

Happy trails to all of you.  Jo, enjoy your Montana Summer.  Wish I could share it my friend!


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