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Dreaming of A San Antonio Roadtrip

June 8th, 2009 by bsmith | Filed under Mondays are for Dreaming, Road Trips.

My husband may be heading to San Antonio business at the end of the month, and suggested we bring the family.  Well,  to be precise he suggested that I bring the family…to San Antonio by car and meet him there.  He would travel by plane due to work constraints. 

Being an adventurous sort of person I almost went for it.  My kids love to explore new places and stay in hotel rooms.  We miss Ken when he travels, and it would be fun to spend the evenings with him exploring San Antonio.  Then I checked the length of the trip from San Diego, California.  The journey would be 1,8304 miles and 18 hours of driving!!!  This would be two days of nine-10 hours drives with minimal stops and no time to explore wherever we crashed for the night.  With three kids ages 4, 5, and 10 that promised to be a driving purgatory.  I don’t think that make enough DVD’s and CD’s and Starbucks Frappuccinos to help me survive such a drive.

So today, instead of planning a San Antonio roadtrip, I’m dreaming of one.   The following are some of the fun family adventures that would await us. 

We would be exploring the Natural Bridge Caverns  by taking a cavern tour or doing some gem mining.  Justin has just finished up a study of California History and my great grandfather was a gold miner so this would be a particularly exciting activity. (Photos courtesy of the Natural Bridge Caverns Media Packet)



We would pay a visit to the Alamo.  (Admission is free.) Justin would love learning more about this historic  battle. and the colorful characters who participated in it.  It would also be fun to compare this Texas mission to the Calfornia Missions we have already explored.

The Smith family are suckers for good old fashioned amusement parks so a visit to Kiddie Park would also be on our list.  Billed as “America’s Oldest Children’s Amusement Park” (Since the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was founded in 1907, I don’t know if that’s exactly accurate) this park promises plenty of vintage fun.  A sucker for a good bargain, I would be sure to visit on Wednesday when the offer unlimited rides for $7.50.

The San Antonio Zoo also caught my eye.  Apparently parent’s magazine thinks it’s one of the best in America.

There you have it, the roadtrip that I wish I was brave enough to take this summer.   If you want to see someother dreams or share one of your own, visit my friend Mara at The Mother of All Trips .  Her Mondays are for Dreaming feature is a delightful way to share your dreams of travel adventure.

Happy Trails,


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