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Sleepless in Las Vegas

April 18th, 2009 by bsmith | Filed under Smith Family Misadventures.

I wrote this post after our first night in Las Vegas.  Things improved somewhat over the week as we got used to our surroundings and tweaked the sleeping arrangements.  This was on of several dark nights of the soul during our Vegas adventure.  Don’t worry, more cheerful posts to follow.

Happy Trails,


Three kids, two doubles, two exhausted parents.  What to do?  Last night reminded me about why I love day trip adventures, but am not always fond of overnight ones.  My kids DO NOT SLEEP away from home.  Well, perhaps that is an exaggeration, but getting them to sleep is one of the most brutal things I confront as a parent and hotels make it even harder with the need to whisper and walk softly.  Jared especially is at the elephant stage.  Walking softly or whispering is almost impossible for him even with frequent reminders.

My kids are also very active sleepers.  I woke up last night to find both boys sleeping diagonally on the same bed!  We divvied up the kids.  Ken took one bed and I took the other.  Needless to say no one got too much sleep.  Hopefully we’ll do better tonight.  Usually about mid week the little ones settle down, only to start hyping up as it gets closer to the drive home.

Anyone have some good kids and hotel sleep tips?

Wish us Luck!


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