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Don’t Forget Both Shoes…And Your Wallet!

April 12th, 2009 by bsmith | Filed under Smith Family Misadventures.

Ken Cruising to Vegas

Ken Cruising to Vegas



Here’s my blog from the first day of our Las Vegas adventure.  What is it with the Smith family and shoes?

Well, our little trip got off to a rocky start.  As I have mentioned before, the Smith Family tends to be rather forgetful. This trip we have really outdone ourselves!  This morning Ken is without razor, wallet, and cell phone clip.  Yesterday evening when we got into town we needed to make an emergency run to the Vans outlet, since Justin appeared to be missing one shoe.  (We think it might have fallen out in the Carls Jr. parking lot…long story.)

On the up side, we got a great pair of slip on Vans for about $20 … a steal.  Justin also found the perfect skateboarder hat that should keep the sun off his face in style.  The Target run for the belt, yielded the crucial revelation that Target has very cheap breakfast (Looks like it will be 2-3 dollars a kid.!)  It had the breakfast sandwich that Justin craves, and French toast for those of us that are less inclined to eat eggs.

Thanks to an ever patient grandma who will be putting the wallet in the mail today, Ken should be whisker free and back on track by tomorrow morning!  Are we the only crazy forgetful family out there?

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