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Taking Your Preschooler Iceskating + Free Skating Lessions…Such a Deal!

March 30th, 2009 by bsmith | Filed under San Diego Day Trips, Scouting.
Jared and Mom Teeter Along at the Escondido Iceoplex

Jared and Mom Teeter Along at the Escondido Iceoplex


As I have said before Cub Scouts provides great opportunities for family adventure.  A few weeks ago, my four year old,  Jared and I had the chance to accompany big brother Justin to a Pack Iceskating event at the Escondido Iceoplex.   I must admit I didn’t think I could juggle two preschoolers on the ice so Destiny stayed home and had quality time with Dad.

Admission was superaffordable due to the cub scout connection…Justin was free and Jared and I paid $5 per person for admission.  Skate rental was included for all of us.  I paid an additional $3 for a little walker to keep Jared steady on the ice :) .  Needless to say it was worth every penny and helped keep me steady as well.  I was able to push Jared around around the ice without falling down once.

Iceskating with preschoolers requires alot of patience, and some outside support where possible.  Some of my den parents helped me get Jared’s skates on.  He didn’t quite get the concept of maneuvering his foot into the skate.  My friend Karen was kind enough to capture the event with still shots and video using my camera.

Jared slipped, slidded, and fell down alot, but he always got up ready to go some more.  He insisted on heading to the center of the rink.  I was glad for the PVC walker, since I usually don’t venture into that territory when I am on my own.  My main problem was that he kept stopping to lick the ice…yuck!  Here’s the video.


Jared and Mommy’s Iceoplex Adventure

 You don’t have to be a cubscout to enjoy a great bargain at the Iceoplex.  Every Thursday from 5:30-6pm this April they are offering free skate lessons…yes you heard it free!  This includes free skate rental and admission to public skate time on the day of the lesson.  I really wish we could join and take advantage of this great San Diego Bargain, but we are going to be out of town the second week in April.  Check it out for me and let me know how it is!  To sign up contact the skating director at 760-489-5550 ex 303 or

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