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We Played for Food!

March 12th, 2009 by bsmith | Filed under At Home Adventures.
Jared Shows Off His Will Play for Food Sign

Jared Shows Off His Will Play for Food Sign

A few weeks ago I was mourning my lack of mommy friends.  As many of you know, I relocated to Carlsbad from Santa Cruz about  three years ago.  Having raised my kids in the same place for many years, I had developed a wonderful group of Mommy friends nurtured through playgroups and preschool play dates.  Here in Carlsbad life goes at a pretty fast pace.  Everyone has big families and lots of activities.  It’s hard to find time to nurture those deep lasting friendships that I crave.  I remembered reading about something called “Will Play for Food” in a blog recently.  I couldn’t even remember which blog, but I made my way to the website, checked it out and decided to see if I could make some mommy friends and feed the world at the same time. 

 The concept is easy, invite friends and strangers to show up at a park at the same time, bring some cans, have the kids play, and donate the cans to the local food bank. Destiny and Jared helped me make a colorful sign on my white board.  I posted a note up at my preschool, on my neighborhood  moms Google group, on Twitter and on Facebook.

The turnout for this project, was not great…three families.  Still, everyone brought several items so Bro Bennos will definately benefit from my efforts.  I got my wish and had the chance to meet two amazing new moms, and spend more time with my neighbor Vonya who is definately in the running for quality mommy friend.

Will Play for Food was founded by a mom named Jessica Kate.  It’s a great idea, moms all around the country setting up these informal playgroups/food drives. Jessica’s family has recently experienced a great tragedy.  Her daughter Tuesday recently passed away after a battle with neuroblastoma.  Jessica has a number of really great mommy blogger friends including Tonya who blogs about her life as military wife as well as mom to twin toddlers and a teenager at and Sharlene who blogs about adventures with her twins at  Both were excited about Will Play for Food.  Sharlene was unable to make it due to an appointment, but Tonya drove all the way from Pacific Beach at 9am on the day she was having a “Moms Day Off” to drop off some food, take a picture for her blog, and just say hi!  Amazing!   

Later my two neighbors showed up and all the kids had a great time playing.  It was so nice to meet Dana who was mom to a five year old boy and potential playmate for my four year old.  As always it was wonderful to spend time with Vonya.  Destiny and Jared were enchanted by the whole process; making the sign, packing the food, taking it to the park, enjoying a snack with friends.  Tommorrow we will head up the coast to Oceanside and deliver the food to Brother Bennos an all volunteer organization that runs a soup kitchen, distributes emergency food boxes, and runs several recovery homes.  I’ll throw in a some bags of clothes and a no longer used infant seat, and  Brother Bennos will have a nice donation.

So dear readers, I issue this challenge to you in honor of Tuesday and also my friend Deana who is a mom of two preschoolers and in a Texas ICU fighting cancer, organize  a Will Play for Food drive among your neighbors and friends.  If you have school age kids meet at the park after school.  If you have preschoolers have a morning park date.  Just get a few friends together, gather some cans, and donate to your local foodbank.  Let’s relish this chance to spend time with our children doing something to make the world better.  Lots of families are struggling right now.  We are all preoccupied with  just staying afloat. In the midst of all this suffering let’s throw those around us a life preserver.

You can find out more about Will Play for Food on the blog .  Tell Jessica I sent you :) .

Happy Trails,


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