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Swept Away by Wild Rivers

September 29th, 2008 by bsmith | Filed under theme parks.

Only in Southern California can you celebrate the last days of summer in late September!  This Saturday we used our free Legoland pass to visit the Wild Rivers Water Park in Irvine California.  It was closing weekend for the park.  The weather was perfect…warm without being too hot.  The crowds were very manageable. Everyone else was busy with soccer practice I suppose.  I am so glad we set aside time for this final summer fling!

Wild Rivers is a really fun park.  The Explorer’s Island has a lazy river and smale scale water slides that were just like the “big kid” water slides.  Tucked in the back of this area close to the Chaos water slide was a fun sprinkler area where the kids control the amount of squirt using levers.  It was great for little and big kids who love to get wet.  My best memory of the entire day will be Destiny, age 4 swimming around the lazy river twice wearing her life jacket!

Wild Rivers Mountain is the big kid’s slide area.  They have a great assortment of exciting water slides.  My favorite was the “old school” water ride entitled the Cobra.  Justin, age 9 and my husband Ken also had a blast trying out the slides.

Another great area for the whole family was Thunder Cove.  Justin loved intertubing in the wave pool at Monsoon Lagoon.  Jared, age 3 and Destiny, age 4 body surfed and played on the Dinosaur Slide.

The coolest feature of the park were these special bracelets you could put on the kids that allowed you to locate them if they got separated from you.  We got one for Destiny and Jared, but in the future I would get one for Justin and Ken as well.  It would make reuniting after a ride much easier.  You could even leave your party mail!  The bracelet doubled as your credit card while in the park, and anything you spent was deducted from the total.  A great system.  We took advantage of both features.

This summer Legoland Passmembers got one free admission to Wild Rivers.  The staff didn’t scan our card or take down any info, so you may be able to visit more than once.  Let me know if anyone pulled that off.

The Wild Rivers admission certainly adds value to the Legoland Membership.  Make sure you take advantage of it!

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