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Camera Disasters

September 23rd, 2008 by bsmith | Filed under Smith Family Misadventures.
Photo by Jared, 3 Year Old Stealth Photographer

Photo by Jared, 3 Year Old Stealth Photographer

After looking at the comments responding to the “Don’t Forget Your Shoes” post and talking with a friend over the weekend, I realized that most of us have probably had a camera mishap that has put a kink in our family adventures.

For my friend Inga, her adventure started with a fun visit to the local Japanese Tea Garden.  She has a new baby and a preschooler, so any outing is sure to be an adventure.  Still, the garden was a favorite, and Daddy was along…what could go wrong?  Well… Inga was nursing, her husband was videotaping her cute preschooler when suddenly said preschooler made a run for the water with still camera in hand.  He threw it into the nearest Koi pond and before Dad had time to fish out the camera , took off running in the opposite direction.

I was not terrible surprised to hear Inga’s tale of woe.  That sort of thing happens to our family all the time.  We are on our third still camera in nine years.  Camera number one was crushed when my husband Ken and our son Justin crashed a sled into a tree.  Camera number two was dropped in the middle of our Christmas festivities last year.  

What have I learned from my misfortune?  What words of wisdom did I pass on to Inga?  Buy a cheaper camera!  Our latest camera,  the Nikon Coolpix, cost about $100 on sale at Best Buy.  It takes pictures that are as good as or better than our first super premium Olympus camera.  It is not as small as the pricey Pentax that served as camera number two, but it still fits easily in my pocket or purse.  The best part is, when this camera inevitably gets smooshed, drowned, or dropped by my preschoolers I won’t be furious about having to replace it.  The photos taken with the Nikon have been used in $100 worth of newspaper articles and family calendars.  My conclusion after a long history of camera misadventures…keep it small, keep it cheap, enough said!

What’s your most tragic camera misadventure?

Happy Trails,


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